Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The world was full of magic.

It would begin after Thanksgiving, the Christmas carols, browsing my grandmother's fat newspaper, full of toy specials, picking just the right items to request to Santa Claus. I believed he would receive my letter. Elementary class Christmas projects, ornaments for the tree, Christmas parties, family parties, popcorn balls, smells of cinnamon, choir specials, nativity reenactments. The fervid devotion to the belief in Santa Claus.

I had to be good to get presents. I'm sure it was my parent's favorite holiday for that very reason. Lights adorning the rooftops of neighbors houses. No, we had no snow, but the excitement still resonated in my childish heart. Up until the final night we would set out a plate of cookies on Christmas Eve night, as an offering for this amazing man's cause. I hoped. I believed. It brought me joy, and it was magical. The feeling of joy knowing the following morning presents would appear from no where. I was with those I loved. I was safe.

And then you grow up,

poke your head out of your warm nest you've been wrapped in and sheltered for so long. And see the world for what it really is, and how people really are. That not every child has a magical Christmas, and some do not celebrate Christmas, you see the world and count all of it's problems, and let the burdens weigh on you, and the number of problems and heartaches add up. You don't feel safe.

And you wonder if the magic is still there.

"In childhood we see things, as it were, through colored glass....and it colors everything we see."

But as we grow older...it is a magnifying glass and we see things as they really are." -Julia Murdock Smith

At twenty years, I believe in Christmas. 
It's a time of hope, and rejoicing. In the midst of the chaos of the world, 
I hold a message dear to my heart that consoles me, it moves me forward.
There is peace to be found.
There is still good in the world.
We can be the good in the world.

Christmas is love.
Christmas is family.
Christmas is Christ.

There are a lot of reasons not to believe in Christ. 

It goes beyond magic. Wishing does not make it so. It's by learning of Him, and taking the opportunity when you have problems, to live His teachings. And you grow from it. It takes time. But I believe, and know from my experience, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He was born into this world, to deliver us, and to help us. So if you're of no faith or of a lot of faith, or anywhere in between, I ask you, to let this message work in your heart, hold to the faith you have, and allow yourself to receive more.

Wishing doesn't cure illness. Or feed the Hungry. Or solve abuse or heartache. It doesn't make the mistakes of others justified.

But if you can believe, that simple belief and acting even on a particle of faith, can anchor you like a ship in a storm relies on that weight to stay in place, and wait for the storm to pass. It is healing source,It lifts your sights, to a new perspective, and provides a divine energy to push beyond mortal frailties, and calming reassurance that God loves you, there is good in the world, and we can move on.

Because of Him.

Learn of him >>here<<

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