Monday, October 28, 2013

The Power of One

Today we went to a care center
to provide some songs and uplifting messages to the residents there.

My companion even tap danced for them.

A lady rolled in a little later, and parked her wheel chair next to me.
She was dressed in purple, her hair braided in cornrows, back to a purple bow in the back of her hair.

A large plastic traech secured in her throat,
               she couldn't speak.

We shared a hymn book.
though she could not sing, with her voice.
she silently mimed the words with her lips.

As I have loved you,
love one another,
this new commandment,
love one another,

by this shall men know,
ye are my disciples,

if ye have love,
one to another.

She sang with her heart.

This woman had a story, and though our meeting was very brief.
I felt of her dedication, and faith to keep pushing through life.
Even when the odds where against her.

I'm privileged to have met her, and to learn from her silent, powerful example.

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ showed the characteristics we all should strive for.

How are you developing Christlike attributes in your life?

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