Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Frontier

It was in the smallest of moments, I saw the bigger picture.

As I became aware of the following details:

I took notice of the sunlight that rested on the great salt lake.
The kid on my bike. His skateboard He asked me to carry. 
The helmet on my head. A few beads of rain, landing all around us.
The illumination of the storm clouds, that hovered over me, 
threatening to drench us.

It was cold.
I was warm on the inside.

We arrived at our destination, and walked inside to share our message.

As missionaries, we're entering a new frontier:

We are now to share missionary messages via Skype! If you've ever had a question about the church, or you're seeking for guidance, go ahead and friend me on Facebook, and we can set an appointment.

Seven reasons we should be friends and video conference:
1. Let's admit it, you have unanswered questions about Mormonism, who better to ask, than a missionary!

2. I will sing to you.

3. More than sharing knowledge. I will share how I've come to know, and live these teachings.

4. See reason number two. Serious as a heartbeat here. Have you been sung to by a missionary before?

5. If you already sit pleasantly in your Sunday School seat every Sabbath, and you are reading this, then I invite you to step it up, set up a conference with a friend, and I will happily attend too.

6. You may be thinking, "I believe in Jesus already, thank you very much, have a nice day."
Let me be clear. I'm not here to take away, or push you into the perceived cookie cutter Mormon. I am here to enrich and add to your faith in Jesus Christ.

7. You may say, "I believe in Jesus just as much as I believe in Unicorns and that the moon is made out of cheese."

I invite you to take a chance.
That's like going to a five star restaurant and ordering an American Hamburger every time.
Or walking into the Library, and checking out the the same book.
You can rely on your own knowledge all you want.
Or you can try something different.

Come with me to this new frontier.

I invite you to come and experience a faith, that's made of different cultures, dreams, hopes,
with the same hope and joy of knowing there is a purpose in this life, that we will live again,
all because of someone incredibly divine.

I testify that this life is more than to live, and then to die.
I'm not rotting in the ground.
There is a hope and a peace we can find,
in that we will live again, with those we love,

I don't know where this post will reach.
You don't have to do anything because of this post.
But I know I have to do something, because of what I feel.
More than what I feel. Is what I
More than passion or emotions, is truth.

The difference between me and the Vacuum salesman on your doorstep is that
this is your opportunity to knock on my door.

What will you choose?

Will you walk by what could be the most important message of your existence?
Or will you give it a chance?

Sincerely, your friend,
Elder Steven Ellsworth
Utah Ogden Mission

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