Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday thoughts

We step out side our apartment door,
the mixed aroma of tobacco and dog urine greets my unsuspecting nose glands.
I pleasantly reply,

Today is going to be a great day.

It was fast sunday, >> What is fasting fasting click (here)

We sat in a red brick chapel, and I reflected on the past week,
Missionary work, the people I serve, my mistakes, life, family, I pray,
It was a real chance to sit down and process my thoughts and emotions.

I recommitted to follow Jesus Christ, by asking myself,
what can I do, to be a little better?

I felt redirected, letting my faults and mistakes, teach me.
It's part of that ongoing process, we can life.

The dear lady leading the congregation in a song, was intensely waving her arms,
up, down, left right, down, swoop up, *repeat*
I wondered if she would waltz across the stand
At first I want to laugh,
and then I realize,
Hey, she's feeling the love of Jesus Christ.
Can you blame her?
Who am I to judge her...
I was about half tempted to go up and join her on the stand.

Later that day we went to a luncheon, to end our fast
 (if you're still not sure what a fast is, again go here,)
Many widows, and divorcees, were in attendance.

People gathered, to share their blessings, they may have lost their loved ones, they have faced intense trials. It was a way to heal, commune with God, and give thanks for the things still good in their lives.

To me, it was a witness of the hope that Jesus Christ can bring into our lives.
They gathered together, as a family

I sat with one lady who has been a widow for over thirty years. When she was thirty-eight, her husband died unexpectedly on Christmas Morning, she woke up and he had peacefully passed away. She talked about how she held him close to her, and cried until, the ambulance took Him away.
She told me that she felt a spiritual confirmation that things would be okay. And proceeded to tell me how her life was blessed, by raising seven children as a single working mother, by living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 I don't know why she chose to tell me those things. But I am glad she did.

This is a little bit of my day,

How was yours?

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