Saturday, September 14, 2013

As of lately

Rainstorms have swarmed the Ogden area the last few days, clouds cocooning the surrounding mountains, rain falling all around.

Change is in the air.

We talked to the lady with nine toes.

Someone shared about their broken life.

I made them promises that I would help them.

Can I really do that?

What do you do when someone places the pieces of their life in front of you?

A lot has happened recently.

And while that's a broad statement.

Here is the truth:

It's intimidating to post my thoughts and feelings.

And what goes beyond my wishful thinking.

is something that is real.

I know that God lives. I have felt His love guide me.

This blog is not meant to be a place to convince, but hopefully to guide and encourage and strengthen you.

You're following my journey. I hope that you will share these thoughts with someone.

I look around me, and a lot of me wants to feel unsecure.
I've been praying to get past that.

And find the strength to look past myself, beyond what I can do alone,
           and open my mouth.

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