Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When life changes

I received an unexpected call a few nights ago, and I was informed that I was moving from Syracuse, to Riverdale. I was shocked, but some how I felt okay about it, I do not know why.
But I do know that it will be okay. It's hard leaving a place you put your heart and soul into.

Change is inevitable
Change is constant
Change can be unexpected
Change can not be ignored.
For it is an essential part of life

Essential for our individual experiences. For what we go through ultimately changes us 
for the better or for the worst. 
Change is to win, to lose, to fight, to dream, to move, to go back, to hurt, to love,

to live.

Change is a test to see how we will react.
Will we turn to God? Thank him? Or draw further away from Him.
Change is an invitation to reflect on where we are at in life,
Change teaches me to accept what I cannot control,
and to experience life.

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