Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Purpose

To the world, the most common image of a Mormon Missionary is a young man, draped in business apparel, skipping door to door to preach to you. My purpose as a missionary, goes beyond preaching, it is an invitation to learn, to bring your family closer together, and bring  peace into your life. Peace that comes by following the teachings of Jesus Christ. I carry this message, not only from door to door, but from my heart to your heart.

By my own experience, and in conversing with others, I have learned that each of us as human beings has a desire to be loved, accepted, understood. We want to have a purpose, and make a difference in the world around us. We want to find security in a world that is uncertain, constantly changing  its values. Each of us is looking for happiness that will last.

These things are needs that all of us long for in one way or another. They are needs that I have desperately tried to meet through other activities. And it did not work so well. I have found these needs are met from desiring and acting on a belief that there is something greater than us, a belief in God.

That He is not some supreme mystical power of energy in the sky. But that he is real, He is a person, He knows me by name, and loves me, He wants me to succeed, and find joy in life. He doesn't expect me to be perfect (and I certainly do not claim to be). He desires to communicate with us, and we can do so through sincere prayer.

For the past four hundred and sixty-two days of my life I've been serving as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's been a journey to say the least. A journey that's taken me through the most joyous moments of my existence, and the lowest of moments. A journey that has opened my eyes to a different perspective on life, and softened my heart. 

I have knocked on a lot of doors and have randomly contacted people on the street. But I've never had the chance to share the feelings of my heart. Now, I have the opportunity to expand my audience and reach out to the world, virtually by sharing my beliefs and the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is my hope that I can bring someone happiness, and help people find meaning to their lives, and bring to them the same joy I feel in my life.

As you follow my journey as a missionary, I invite you to see if these truths can apply to your life. If you know of someone who would benefit from an uplifting message, let me know how I can help! If you have any questions at all contact me through email by emailing me at or by adding me on Facebook!

I believe in God. I have felt His love in my life. You can feel it too. Life is like a journey, like any journey there are peaks with spectacular views, and moments when we have to wander in the dark for awhile, it is not meant to be easy, but we are meant to find happiness, and learn from each other and all of our experiences.

-Elder Ellsworth

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