Saturday, August 31, 2013

Morning Time

Wake up. Roll out of bed onto my knees.
Try not to fall back asleep.
"In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
One hour of personal study
Study with my missionary companion, one hour,
One last prayer for the road and
Out the door we go...

This is the morning routine I've followed for about sixteen months,
It's something that has challenged, blessed me, engaged my focus, and redirected my heart.

By building my personal relationship between me and God
Daily seeking daily guidance, enlightenment, encouragement,
directly from Him.

In our teaching appointments, it's so much more than what we want them to "learn".
As I study, I learn what I want them to Know. Feel. and Do.

In order to bring happiness, peace, and direction into their life.

I cannot help someone come closer to God,
if I'm not seeking Him myself.

Take a look into the life of A New Yorker
 who has turned her opposition into success (here)

This professional rugby player walked away from $1.5 million, find out why, (here

Do you have a morning schedule?
How do you seek daily inspiration?

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