Sunday, August 18, 2013

Because of Christ

Today I participated in three different services of Church.
 There were three separate congregations, two different buildings, and three different time periods.
I was able to speak about Jesus Christ, and why I'm a missionary for Him.
In another congregation, I sat in the audience as someone presented a talk 
(Mormon lingo for sermon)and expressed exactly what I needed to hear, 
words that encouraged me, answered my prayers and filled my heart with happiness.
And more importantly, I was able to reflect on the blessings on my life,
and what Jesus has done for me.

For me, faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement is more then a claim.
It's in following His teachings, and striving to live after His example.
It is not a routine to follow, or a checklist to complete.
It is a way of life that has uplifted me, educated me, enlightened, helped me heal.
It is not a one time event, or a series of events,

it's a direction I head in.

 That doesn't mean I pretend to be happy when everything is not.

I do not claim perfection, when I couldn't further from it. I know I'm twenty years old and highly ignorant. And while I will not air all of my dirty laundry on the world wide web, I have found  in admitting my weakness, accepting them, embracing them. He takes my negative circumstances, and situations and uses them to teach me.

He gives me confidence
Strength beyond my own
To love others 
The hope of a better world to come.
The hope of a reuniting with my loved ones who have passed on before me...

I have never met Jesus Christ. But I believe that He lives. That He knows me. My evidence, is in the way I feel, and the effects these teachings have had on my life. His teachings do not make into the same "categorized Christian". But rather it brings out in me, my true self, and magnifies my individuality.

There is literal power and peace we can find.
We can have it now. We do not have to wait for it.
I promise that to you. For I have found it, and I am embracing it, and I have never been happier in my life. Because of Christ.

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